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Nigerian Eagle Flour Mills

Although incorporated in 1979, the Chagoury group’s commercial production began at Eagle Flour Mill in 1982. The Mill therefore has nearly 25 years of milling experience, and has built an unrivalled reputation for providing high quality products. Nigerian Eagle Flour Mill is the largest Flour Mill in Oyo State. The mill’s output is 850 metric tonnes per day. The company’s main products are: wheat flour, semolina, wheat bran, maize grits, corn flour, maizolina and corn bran.

The wheat flour is sold under the brand name ‘Eagle Flour’ and is enriched with Vitamins C and A. Semolina is sold under the brand name ‘Eagle Semolina’. Wheat bran and corn bran are produced for livestock feed while Maize grits are produced for the brewing process and are sold to breweries all over West Africa. Nigerian Eagle Flour Mills was the first company in Nigeria to produce maize grits. Semolina and maizolina are staple foods. Corn flour is a by-product of the maize mill and is sold for human consumption.

The Chagoury Group’s Eagle Flour Mill offers unrivalled access to medical care for its employees via three local hospitals in Ibadan. Healthcare extends to workers’ wives and children. There is also a well-equipped first aid clinic on site, staffed by a full time nurse.