Port Harcourt Flour Mills

Port Harcourt Flour Mills is a combined grain terminal and flour mill. The storage silo at the grain terminal serves Port Harcourt mill and the Niger Delta Flour Mills in Onitsha.

The Rivers State and the Bayelsa State governments jointly own the facility. Operation of the Mill was taken over by the Chagoury Group in 1976 when production stood at 280 metric tonnes per day. Following a substantial investment and restructuring, the Chagoury group has increased production to 650 metric tons per day. Port Harcourt was the first Nigerian mill in the Chagoury group and followed the success of Grands Moulins du Bénin.

The company produces wheat flour, wheat bran, noodle flour and semolina. There are two mills at the plant, both of which handle wheat and their combined milling capacity is 650 metric tons per day.

The Mills’ products are sold throughout Nigeria and its principal customers are direct users, i.e. bakers, biscuit factories, fish, poultry and livestock farmers.

The substantial local workforce benefits from a wide variety of services provided by the company, including an on-site medical facility staffed by a full-time doctor. Other health clinics in Port Harcourt are retained to service staff needs.

The company also has a health, safety environment and security (HSES) policy. Welfare schemes in place include: a housing allowance, a transport allowance, a canteen subsidy and a retirement and pension scheme policy for all categories of staff. The company ensures high standards of hygiene and safety in the work environment and premises. The use of safety shoes, goggles, glasses, earmuffs, nose masks, etc is enforced.

The company has won the following awards: National Top Ten Environment Friendly Industries Award (1997); Bakery Material Giant of the Year (1997); NIS Certification Awards for Gold Crown wheat flour quality (every year since 1998).

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