Ideal Eagle Hospital

The Chagoury Group established Ideal Eagle Hospital in 1991. The Hospital takes its name from the Chagoury Group’s flour mills, Ideal Flour Mill and Eagle Flour Mill. Operating as a small private medical facility in Lagos providing high quality health care to employees of the Chagoury Group of companies, this modern medical facility is equipped to deal with accident and emergency as well as minor surgery.

Although mainly serving employees of the Chagoury Group, the hospital has a policy of inclusion and enables entitlement to medical care on a subscription basis.

The hospital is also retained by a number of Nigerian based multinational companies.

The hospital retains 2 full-time doctors, including a cardiologist and full support staff. Facilities include an intensive care ward, a regular ward, a full-equipped laboratory, X-ray and ultrasound machines as well as an emergency room and ambulance service.

The hospital has on-site facilities for biochemistry, microbiology, cardiology, haematology, hormonology, toxicology and coagulation.